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Welcome to Cottage Astro Photography

Under clear skies, largely free of light pollution, I take photos from my backyard observatory near Otter Lake, Quebec. This website is a collection of some of my best (and not to best) attempts at stars, galaxies, nebula and other objects in the sky.

I hope you enjoy!

Latest Photos

Jon Stewart Astrophotographer

About The Photographer

My name is Jon Stewart, and I’ve been taking photos of the night sky off and on since 2016. I grew up in farming country about an hour outside of Ottawa, Canada and spent many nights under the stars. After living in the city for nearly 20 years, I went back to my rural roots and in 2018 bought a cottage in a Bortle 3 location on Clark Lake.

After installing my SkyShed Pod Observatory on my deck, my telescope had a permanent home and I began to catalog the beautiful skies.


Favourite Photos

Take a look at some of my favourite photos of stars, nebulas, galaxies and other things in our night skies.

My Astrophotography Gear

From DSLRs to astro-cameras, camera lenses to RASA telescopes, check out all of the gear in the Observatory and some of the photos taken with each piece!

Clark Lake Observatory

Learn more about the MRC Pontiac and the environment around the Clark Lake Observatory.